If you’ve decided to buy your own house, perhaps one of the things you’re looking for is a spacious lawn. It is certainly very relaxing to look out your window and behold a cool green patch of grass and perhaps even a mini garden. You don’t even mind having to mow the lawn from time to time and perhaps you actually enjoy digging around in your small garden during weekends, taking out weeds and ensuring the health of your plants.

If you plan to buy property in a place like Vancouver, it may make better sense to go for artificial grass instead of the real deal. This is a surface made of synthetic fibers that are made to resemble real grass. If you’ve ever watched a tennis match played on a grass court, then you’ve most probably already seen synthetic grass. Sports that used to be played on real grass now commonly use the artificial version because it is a lot easier to maintain.

But we’re not talking about sports, are we? We’re talking about your home. Why should you go for fake grass if you have the option to go for the real thing? There are several benefits offered by artificial grass, but where living in Vancouver is concerned, let us focus on two important reasons why the synthetic version makes more sense than natural grass.

Constant Rain in Vancouver

It rains a lot in Vancouver. That is a fact no one can deny. Ask anyone who has ever lived in the area and they’ll tell you the same thing. Although the rains aren’t that heavy, the fact that they happen quite often can cause problems for natural grass.

Here’s how Vancouver’s mostly rainy weather becomes a huge disadvantage for real, natural grass:

  • Constant rains = very saturated soil.
  • Saturated soil = lack of oxygen in the ground.
  • Lack of oxygen in the roots = impeded grass respiration.
  • Impeded respiration = inevitable plant death.

What if the rains are not that heavy, you say? Well, natural grass can also be weakened by three straight days of rain, even if it’s not that heavy.

Note as well that in Vancouver, having no rain for a week is already considered unusual. When the rain stops and the temperature rises, the situation could even grow worse, and you’re likely to start seeing brown patches on your lawn.

Now perhaps you understand why it is generally more practical to use artificial turf for your lawn in Vancouver.

Chafer Beetles

If the constant rain isn’t enough to convince you that synthetic turf makes more sense than natural grass when you live in Vancouver, then perhaps chafer beetles will.

Here are some facts about chafer beetles:

  • They are known for causing extensive damage to lawns across Vancouver.
  • These white grubs dig tunnels and eat the roots not just of grass, but all sorts of plants.
  • They usually feed during winter, so you aren’t likely to notice their presence under all that winter precipitation.
  • Vancouver is the perfect breeding and nesting ground for these beetles because of the moist conditions (remember the constant rains?).
  • These beetles are food for other rodents. Where they go, other rodents follow.
  • There are, of course, steps you can take to stop a Chafer bug infestation, but getting rid of these beetles typically requires a high-maintenance routine.

Since these crawlers proliferate in winter, owners of infested yards will just be surprised once the ice thaws. Lo and behold! Their lawn will be brown, bumpy, and generally dead-looking.

Using fake turf for your lawn will spare you from all these hassle. Without grass roots, there’s nothing for the Chafer beetles to eat underground; and therefore no reason for them to dig a network of tunnels all over your lawn.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

A side from saving you from the hassles of caring for natural grass amidst the constant rains and bug infestation in Vancouver, artificial turf has a lot of other benefits to offer.

  1. Save Time – You won’t have to do any mowing and watering, so you actually get more time to spend bonding with your family and doing other things you enjoy.
  2. Save Money – The fact that it doesn’t need to be watered already allows you to save a significant amount in terms of lower water bills. You won’t even have to worry about landscaping and maintenance; an artificial lawn practically maintains itself, thereby offering excellent value for your money. It also has a long life expectancy, so you won’t have to buy replacements often. In fact, some installations still look great after 15 years.
  3. Less Cleanup Work – Reduced workload in maintaining the cleanliness in your home is a guarantee since you won’t have to deal with people tracking mud and grass into the house.
  4. More Outdoor Bonding Time – Yes, having an artificial lawn can grant you more quality time with your children and/or pets. The “grass” doesn’t grow and there are now pests to contend with, so your lawn is always ready for playtime!
  5. Higher Home Value – When you consider all of these benefits, you’ll realize that a synthetic lawn can actually increase the value of your home. You may not be planning to sell your home anytime soon, but you never know what the future holds, right? In the event that you do feel the need to sell your house and move elsewhere someday, you’d surely want to get a good price for the property. A synthetic lawn can help you achieve that.

So, as you begin your search for your dream house, the choice between natural and synthetic grass for your lawn is definitely something you should seriously consider. A house is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your life; you’d surely want it to be well worth your while. It is something you will most probably keep for a long period, so you’d want to make sure living in it is something you’ll enjoy. An artificial lawn may just be the thing that makes your new house an investment worth keeping.