Misconceptions of Artificial Lawns

Do you think an artificial lawn is reminiscent of a home in Edward Scissorhands? Think again. Artificial lawns have come a long way since the era of Astroturf in the 1980s. They now look more natural than ever and there are even plenty of sustainable, green […]

Why Artificial Grass Makes Sense in Vancouver

If you’ve decided to buy your own house, perhaps one of the things you’re looking for is a spacious lawn. It is certainly very relaxing to look out your window and behold a cool green patch of grass and perhaps even a mini garden. […]

Thinking About Preparing Your Lawn for Next Spring? Simply Follow These Steps

Many homeowners spend the warm months of the year caring for their yard with diligence, and their hope may have been to create a gorgeous yard with lush, thick grass. Unfortunately, factors like drought, disease and heat can take a considerable toll on a […]