Artificial Turf Products

All FG Artificial Lawns® are UV protected and pet friendly with a perforated polyurethane backing and a 10 year warranty.


Lifestyle Multi

The short cut makes turf with a V shaped blade. It is very adaptable in a multitude of applications especially for children playing, pet owners and pine needle areas. It’s a natural green with a dry yellow base thatch.



This is a longer cut turf with a pile height of 1.75” and a  U shaped turf blade.  Blade colours of olive and dark greens with a dry yellow brown thatch gives Arbutus a natural and plush look.


Rainforest All Green

For a plush green lawn, Rainforest All Green is your choice.  Using only green colours for the blades and the thatch gives this turf a luscious emerald green colour.  Rainforest has a pile height of 1.75” with a U shaped blade.


Kentucky Blue Grass

Just like it’s natural counterpart, Kentucky Blue Grass imitates the soft flowing feel of real grass.  It has a smooth W shaped blade in a multitude of green monofilaments stitched together to achieve a 40mm pile with a height of 1.75”. The thatch is made up of beige and yellow fibres completing the natural look and feel of our Kentucky Blue Grass turf.