Why FG-Lawns Is By Far The Best Choice When It Comes To Synthetic Grass

There are many reasons why FG-Lawns is one of the most popular artificial turf suppliers in the Lower Mainland. For one, we take customer service very seriously We have been suppling and installing artificial lawns for over a decade, making FG-Lawns one of the leading experts in the Vancouver Market.  We have inventory samples at our showroom for you to view plus we keep inventory levels in town making us the leading choice when you want your project done promptly.

We are never satisfied until each and every customer is fully happy with our work 

Here are just some of our clients:

FG Clients

We install the highest quality synthetic grass in the industry and will back it up with the most comprehensive guarantee.

Here’s why SYNLawn, Precision-Greens, or Perfect Turf can never compare to FG-Lawns: 

  1. FG-Lawns Artificial Turf rents grass
  2. We’re part of the BBB
  3. We offer roll end specials
  4. Our artificial grass is pet friendly
  5. FG-Lawns is heavily involved in the community

Some key benefits to choosing artificial turf

Say goodbye to allergic reactions. Grass pollen is one of the most common triggers for allergic reactions. With synthetic grass, allergic reactions will significantly improve.

You don’t have to spend countless hours cutting and disposing your grass. Instead, you can spend time with your family or whatever it is you love doing most. Don’t worry, you’re new artificial grass will look amazing throughout the year.

Artificial turf will not only save you money over the long term but is also much more environmentally friendly. You’ll never have to use strong chemicals again, or use hundreds of gallons of water just to keep it green.

Synthetic turf is safe for pets, kids and the whole family. And no more muddy paws in the house from pets.

Watch out! Some products have lead content, which is extremely dangerous to our health, so when shopping around look for translucent see through yarn, these are cheap and potentially dangerous.  FG-Lawns only carries artificial grass that is of the highest quality.

Synthetic turf is very cost effective for commercial properties with very little to no maintenance costs.

Artificial lawns can last anywhere between 15 to 20 years.

Save $1000s of dollars by switching over to synthetic grass by choosing FG-Lawns