Introducing The Easiest Way To Guarantee A Perfect Lawn—No Mowing, Watering Or Fertilizing

FG Lawns is a leading supplier and installer of artificial grass located in Vancouver lower mainland. It was founded in 2009 when it’s owner, Bobby Nijjer.  Bobby saw that many home owners & businesses were struggling with watering restrictions, pests like the Chafer Beetle and difficult landscaping issues. The good news is artificial grass will solve these issues.

At FG Lawns you will find grasses that are premium turfs made to withstand the Canadian climate. We have shipping locations right across Canada making our product available Canada wide. See our locations here. Our artificial turfs are available in 12’ and 15’ widths and come in a variety of textures and colours. See our product page for details.

Call us and talk with one of the team members. They are very knowlegable and are always willing to assist you with your artificial grass questions or inquiries.

FG Artificial grass is so versatile that it can be applied to nearly any outdoor setting and surface, and is guaranteed to:

  • Stay Lush Green- All year-round your lawn will look the best in the neighbourhood: no burns, patches, divots or weeds to fight.
  • Look And Feel Like REAL Grass- FG-Lawns will always maintain the same length, colour and texture of natural grass.
  • Save You Countless Hours Of Work- You’ll never have to touch another lawnmower, weed-whacker, hose, or fertilizer again.

We’re All About Easy, Beautiful Artificial Grass

It’s hard to get the ‘best of both worlds’ with anything in life. But when it comes to lawns, FG- Lawns flies in the face of that notion.

First, if you want a gorgeous, shockingly real-looking lawn, FG-Lawns is the way to go. Unless you’re specifically looking for it, it’s near impossible to tell the difference between it and real grass!

Secondly, if you’re looking for convenience, look no further: with virtually ZERO lawn care, significant savings when it comes to grass maintenance, and an inability to wither or fade, you’ll feel incredibly liberated knowing you won’t have to bother with real grass again! Simply see what many FG-Lawns customers have to say.

Let’s face it, having to deal with the frustration of strenuous, repetitive lawn care year in and year out isn’t enjoyable. The ‘return’—in the form of your pride of ownership—may be there after your hard work… but the feeling is fleeting at best, because you have to go right back out there next week and do it all again!

Artificial grass is most commonly used in areas where natural grass is hard to grow, cut, water or otherwise maintain.Market research conducted by FG Lawns has shown us that it takes an average of 3 attempts to replace a natural grass area before artificial lawn is considered a more realistic and sustainable solution…

Is your dog killing your natural grass lawn and tracking muddy paws through your home? This can be solved with an easy installation of FG-Lawns artificial lawn.Living in a high, low rise or town house? It makes sense to use synthetic grass. Whether you roll a small mat of artificial turf for your dog to do its business on, cover your…

First, call us to arrange for a consultation so our highly qualified experts can explain all the ins and outs of the installation process of synthetic lawns.All areas are different, therefore different types of artificial turf must be considered in order to best suit the needs of each individual area and homeowner. Not all turf is…

You Receive A TEN (10) Year  Manufacturer’s  Warranty  When You Have FG Artificial Suppliers Install Your Artificial Turf.

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