Warranty and Maintenance

Warranty of an FG Artificial Lawn

Your FG Artificial Lawn comes backed with a 10 product warranty. This mean that you new lawn will stand the test of time and will likely last 15 to 20 years or even more! This warranty also covers UV protection. Your new lawn will not loose more than 10% of its colour over 10 year, which means your lawn will remain vibrant and good looking for years to come.

If you decide to have your lawn installed by FG Lawns we will also provide you with a 3 year installation warranty. The foundation your lawn sits upon is an important part of worry free turf. You don’t want areas of your artificial turf pooling with water or sinking over time. Our 3 year warranty will also cover damage due to moles and other burrowing animals only if we have also installed a mole protection mesh. Our installation warranty will cover you for 3 years, so in the unlikely event something goes wrong with our installation process we will be there to correct the problem.

Care and Maintenance of Your Artificial Lawn

One of the reasons you have decided to install artificial grass is to save time and money. Artificial grass doesn’t require the costs involved with reseeding, patching, sodding, buying pesticides & fertilizers and spending time mowing and trimming natural lawn.However, installing synthetic grass does require you to make an upfront financial investment. You want to protect that investment by taking to take a few simple steps each year.

Grooming your artificial grass will help extend its life and keep it looking as natural as possible. Here are some tips to help you with its care and maintenance.


This is some equipment you might want, to take care of your lawn.

  • A leaf blower to blow away loose debris
  • A shop vac to vacuum up loose debris rather than blowing it
  • A plastic leaf rake
  • A stiff push broom or power broom

How Often Do I Need to Clean my Lawn?

Cleaning can be done as often as you like. There will be times when you’ll need to do it more often, for example when it’s windy. Debris can accumulate on your turf and make it look unappealing. Just use a leaf blower or a shop vac to clear the debris. If you have pets or kids you may have to clean the turf when accidents occur. Using a mild cleaner or in the case of cleaning up a urine spill you can use a mild disinfectant with water or just hose away with water.

Rake or Brush Regularl

Natural grass blades stand upright and that’s exactly how artificial grass blades should look too. Keep in mind that even the toughest synthetic grass blades will bend over time and the only way to keep your lawn looking natural is to brush it regularly.

Use the push brush, rake or power rake to keep blades aligned and upright. Refrain from using a brush with metal bristles as doing so can damage the grass. Remember to brush with just enough force; applying less pressure won’t make a difference to the grass blades and applying too much pressure can make the lawn appear uneven. If you have artificial grass installed over a huge area, brushing regularly may not be possible. In such a cases, just use your plastic leaf rake to go over the area and try to bring up the grass bristles as much as possible.

FG Lawns has power broom service that can be provided for a fee. Call us for a quote.

Spraying Your Artificial Turf

Artificial grass can be rinsed with water, when needed, to get rid of debris and other waste. You can also use a mild detergent on especially dirty spots and then hose down the turf with water.

Heavier stains like those from sunscreen, grease, and motor oils can be removed by using mineral spirits.

Eliminate Unwanted Smells

Bad odours won’t affect your turf in any way, but you obviously can’t let your turf smell. If pet urine or excrement is making the turf smell, clean the area with an enzyme cleaner. You can also hose down the area with a mixture of water and a household deodorizer like vinegar or lemon scented pines. A infill called zeofill can be applied as well which is a pet deodorizing product.

Don’t Worry About the Heat

If the harsh sun beating down on your turf worries you, you need to know that the quality and look of your artificial grass won’t be affected by the heat. If you can’t help but worry, hose down the area with water to cool off the turf. Again, doing so isn’t necessary unless you’re planning to take a walk in your garden barefoot!


Installing artificial grass can be expensive, especially if you’re getting a large area covered. Nevertheless, a synthetic lawn is a practical investment as it can help you save time and money in the long run.

An artificial lawn doesn’t need the high degree of care and maintenance that natural grass requires. But since you’re putting in the financial investment on getting an artificial lawn, caring for it becomes necessary.

With the tips given here, you now know how you can care for your synthetic lawn. Do the right things and your turf is sure to look amazing for many years to come!

If you have any other questions about the care of your artificial lawn, please don’t hesitate to call us directly at 604-430-5296 or 1-877-749-5296 or through our website

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